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About us


In an increasingly complex, interconnected, moving and competitive environment, search for continuity and synergy is a key success factor for each business project. The solutions offered by BAPM facilitate the planning, management and implementation of customer oriented business and technology solutions that comply with recognized best practices.
Our vision is to provide high level value added services in the areas of Business Analysis (BA), Project Management (PM) and related Information Technology (IT).
By offering our services from Switzerland and Luxembourg, our major objective is to help optimize the productivity, efficiency and profitability of our clients while promoting relationships of partnership and mutual trust.
To do so, we have built an approach that is based on proven standards such as: IIBA BABOK® and PMI PMBOK®, as well as the motivation of our consultants and irreproachable ethics in the exercise of our activity.
Our various experiences have enabled us to develop rich, simple and effective methodologies and tools for the analysis, implementation and management of initiatives among our clients.


The success of our interventions relies on the following practices and principles:

Methodological and tooled approach, providing a frame of reference in line with the state of the art

Comprehension of the context in which our missions take place

Active listening and perfect understanding of the customer's needs

Ability to demonstrate the added value of the initiative

Regular measurement of the results based on reliable indicators

Backing for each of our missions by one of our experts from start to finish

Bond of trust and real transparency between the client and our consultants


Departing from an IT background, but sensitive to the growing importance of the BA and PM approaches, our consulting firm has built its offer since its creation in 2014 on the interaction of three disciplines: BA, PM and IT.


Business analysis
BA's role is specifically to analyze the business area in order to study the feasibility and profitability of a business initiative, as well as to identify and propose one or more solution alternatives, which will not necessarily be technology oriented. To do this, BA uses many techniques, such as interviews with stakeholders, workshops, observation, use cases and user stories, process and/or data modeling, benchmarking, brainstorming, etc. Its main activities relate to understanding the context, the collection and validation of needs, their transformation into requirements by analysis and the design of solutions bringing added value to all relevant stakeholders.


Project management
PM is an approach that aims to organize and strategically control the smooth running and deployment of a project or program, if the need relates to a set of related projects. To do this, it must define the content and deliverables, establish and follow a schedule and a budget, but also manage the stakeholders, human resources, subcontracting, communication, quality of deliverables, inherent risks, etc. Therefore, we can define it as a set of coordinated activities in order to achieve an objective that meets the requirements, while taking into account previously identified constraints, change management and, more and more frequently, the post deployment recurring operating phase as well.


Information technology
IT systems were first used in organizations as a tool to improve productivity. Over time and in the large majority of sectors of activity, IT has become a critical element, indispensable to the proper functioning of companies. Indeed, high-performance IT enables automation, process optimization, outsourcing of low-value tasks, improving customer relations, dematerialization and so on. IT needs, and especially web projects, have led to the emergence of new, so-called agile, project management methods. The IT function has thus been a pioneer in the adoption of standardized and structured approaches like PM and BA, as well as a driver in the diffusion of these approaches within the organizations.
Our consultants have, the most of the time, versatile skills and are able to work on different missions in order to accompany our clients on various concerns or initiatives targeting to deliver, optimize or transform current business processes, that are purely business, purely technological or mixed.


Our services can take different forms and cover a wide range of services. The examples below summarize the non-exhaustive list of the types of interventions we usually provide.
Strategic level

Digital transformation, development of business cases

Standardisation BA et/ou PM, mise en place de PMO (Project Management Office) et/ou BACoE (Business Analysis Center of Excellence)

Development of calls for tenders

IT master plan, benchmarking and/or business IT alignment

Merger/acquisition support

Operational level

Opportunity, feasibility and profitability study

Development of functional specifications

Business process modeling

Development of general specifications, IT development

Development of test plans, migration, change management

Forms of intervention

The forms of intervention offered are adaptable according to the types of services provided. They generally correspond to the categories described below, while remaining flexible to align with the customer's needs.
Consulting & Audit
We usually practice two types of intervention for consulting and audit. We can, either accompany the client’s teams to help them successfully lead an initiative, or take over the full responsibility of the mission. As a result, our services are always personalized and adapted to the client’s context, organization and challenges. Thus, at the beginning of the intervention, we work together with the client to determine the starting situation and the target to be reached. This target always includes the objectives, the expected deliverables, the added value of our services and the timetable of the intervention.
Training & Coaching
We offer BA and PM beginner or advanced courses as well as IIBA BABOK® and PMI PMBOK® certification courses. Our courses are available in English and French languages. It is also possible to organize tailor-made training courses to meet specific needs. These courses can be carried out, if necessary, in collaboration with specialized partners. Our coaching offer is complementary to our certification preparation courses. Coaching reduces preparation time and increases the chances of passing the certification exam (95% success rate to date).
Delegation & Recruitment
Our company holds the Swiss federal and cross-border LSE authorization for human resources delegation and placement, a special form of collaboration adapted to long-term missions. In addition, at the request of its customers, BAPM also offers a pre-hiring system, which represents an intermediate route between the HR delegation and placement. This system allows our consultants to facilitate their integration into the client company and to our customers to have a riskless recruitment channel based on an intermediate delegation period of a duration generally agreed beforehand.

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